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Introducing  CG Global


Growth Knows No Borders



CCG Global is a global healthcare compliance consultancy with an emphasis in providing public health and environmental health advisory services. CCG brings comprehensive healthcare compliance capabilities and the deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Our organization aims to bring the highest level of practical knowledge and best practices to your organization. 

Since opening our doors in 2021, we aim to have a bigger list of returning and new clients. Want to experience the expertise of CCG for yourself? Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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Meet the Founder

Udo Obiechefu is an dedicated public health and clinical research professional with deep advisory and clinical experience. He began his career in infectious disease epidemiology and has gained experience in multiple fields from academia to clinical research working in both the public and private sectors. Udo was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, received his Masters in Public Health from Armstrong State University and has lived and worked throughout the Southeastern U.S., with time spent in both the UK, Africa, and Europe.


As CEO and Founder, Udo launched CCG Global with a commitment to developing a high-quality consultancy aimed at fostering further development of the healthcare sector within the U.S. and internationally. By leveraging his expansive network of industry experts, corporate partners, and his own substantive experience, Udo’s goal is for CCG to be the premier destination for concierge level healthcare compliance advisory services. 

​ “I have the firm belief that people are always the solution. I also believe that success in any sector depends on the businesses, professionals, staff, and leadership all having access to high caliber guidance tailored to their unique needs. The goal of our consultancy is to provide first class public health guidance, foster relationships between healthcare vendors and clients, and create access to care for those who are looking for medical options abroad. I ensure that CCG Global remains committed to providing heartfelt guidance and advocacy to our clients while serving the target community.”

                                         -Udo Obiechefu CEO & Founder

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Chuk Obiechefu acts as CCG’s general counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. He assist in providing legal and regulatory compliance solutions for CCG. 


Chuk was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, is a graduate of University of Georgia School of Law, and has lived and worked throughout the Southeastern U.S. He began his career in banking, real estate, and construction, working with large national companies and asset managers. During his time in the corporate world he's gained valuable experience working in and advising companies and executives on complex business operations, regulatory compliance, and risk management matters.

As Chief Compliance Officer at CCG Global, Chuk ensures that all compliance related activities are conducted at the highest level. CCG Global is committed to serving it's clients with the highest level of ethics, efficacy and honesty

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Chuk Obiechefu, Esq.

Chief Compliance Officer


Udo Obiechefu, MPH

CEO & Founder

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