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COVID-19 Compliance Services

Why is it Important?
As society returns to a new normal, COVID-19 remains a serious concern that deserves our attention. . Ensuring the safety of your employees their loved ones and the community is a top priority and demands significant time and resources. All employees have the right to work in a safe environment and with our COVID Compliance program we will ensure that every employee feels safe and has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential

Airport Counter


• Assist in the development of COVID specific compliance SOPs
• Provide guidance on signage signage (PPE, Social Distancing, Handwashing etc) and how it should be displayed
• Oversee and monitor cleaning crews to ensure all high contact surfaces and protocols
   are being implemented
• Time-relevant consulting on federal/state/local COVID guidelines
• COVID-19 Training on items such as:

         o Personal Protective Equipment
         o General Infection Control Concepts
         o Rapid Testing
         o Isolation and Quarantine Protocols

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