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Exclusive Subscription Services

Make CCG Global a Part of Your Team with our exclusive subscription option!

As a dynamic business, you understand operations can come with a lot of admin and moving parts.  At CCG, we offer a white glove, monthly consultation services subscription plan which keeps you and your team locked on target. 

Tailored Counsel: This service is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking proactive public health and infectious disease advice and support that helps keep your clientele safe

Predictable Costs:  CCG gives businesses predictability in  costs and deep discounts that help you streamline expenses while continuing to build your business on a solid foundation. 

Our plans provide you the confidence you need in your operations, in predictable, tailored and cost efficient service packages. This is an innovative monthly subscription plan that gives your facility tailored public health support service that’s affordable, flexible, and designed to help your business thrive.

Plans start at just $299 per month*.


CCG Silver Plan ($299/month) includes: 


Weekly check-in and health compliance guidance review
Initial outbreak response services:

  • Line list template development 

  • State/local outbreak guidance review and action steps

10% Discount on Additional Services and Hourly Rates

50% reduction in onboarding fee with 6 month commitment

CCG Gold Plan ($499 per month)  includes everything in Silver Plan, plus:


Ongoing outbreak response services:

  • Employee contact tracing 

  • Line list maintenance

  • Remote ICAR assessment

  • Employee health COVID Vaccine documentation maintenance

  • Ongoing data collection and management

Quarterly Public Health training on topic of choice
15% Discount on Additional Services and Hourly Rates

Onboarding fee waived with 6 month commitment

Call us today at 571-295-8218

*$200.00 one time onboarding fee at sign-up

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